runup˙ rcp is a generic workflow bolt on solution for PLM recipe processing automation that you can use to streamline the processes managing the lifecycle of all your recipe types.


runup˙ rcp ready to use solution is built using the flexible automation framework runup˙, a tool that you can use to orchestrate complex workflow processes in a simple and intuitive way to improve the performance of your processes.

runup˙ rcp Key Business Benefits

runup˙ rcp solution provides significant benefits for companies seeking to improve the quality of their PLM recipe processes:

  • Standardize PLM recipes processes using a uniform automation approach
  • Guarantee rapid deployment of PLM processes automation
  • Minimal cost of ownership and immediate return on invested capital
  • Save time and money to run your recipes processes
  • Improves quality and efficiency of recipe processes
  • Add flexibility and agility to your recipes processes
  • Monitoring and tracking tools gives you high visibility of all your PLM recipe processes

runup˙ rcp solution features

  • Highly flexible and dynamic solution to automate any recipe processing scenario
  • Customer business users define their own workflow processes by recipe type
  • Fully integrated with SAP ERP applications and HR org structure
  • Dynamic process participants determination using recipe and linked objects attributes
  • Dynamically constructed WebUI user interface for workflow tasks execution