runupmms is a pre packaged solution built using runup framework to help SAP customers to manage the creation and extension of Material Master data.



runup•mms – Material Master creation/extension


runupmms features

  • You can define different routings to map different material creation/extension process variants. Using the process routing composition tool, you can orchestrate a series of action types (user, system, notification) to automate the material data management process.
  • Process participants can be determined using the material attributes and/or organizational levels (e.g. Plant, sales org and distribution channel, warehouse number …etc).
  • Predefined actions are delivered to collect data for different material views, review collected data, approve the collected data and edit the collected data. Customers can add their own user actions, system actions (e.g Data validation after a data entry user action) and notification actions.
  • Detailed log of all process actions (user action, system action, notification dispatching).
  • In addition to delivered notifications (Rejection, completion …etc), you can add notifications at any point in the process using the process routing composition tool.
  • Tightly integrated with the MM configuration data for material and with the organization structure.
  • You can monitor the creation/extension process instances from different offered tools (Process monitor, Pending Tasks monitor, Business activities analyzer, KPI report…).

runupmms business benefits

The pre packaged automated process provides you with significant benefits if you are seeking to improve efficiency and agility of your material master processes while reducing related costs:

  • Standardizes a comprehensive automated process across your organization,
  • Reduces the time and cost to create or extend materials,
  • Rapidly deployable solution,
  • Very cost effective solution and instant return on invested capital,
  • Creates a lean collaboration between process participants and enhance their productivity,
  • Improves quality and increase flexibility and agility of your material creation/extension processes.